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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick Dinner Quest

Okay ladies, I am on a quest. I'm looking for new ideas for quick, on-hand dinners for those nights when its 5:00 and I haven't started dinner (or just plain don't want to). You know those nights when you don't want to order out, but don't want to resort to Ramen noodles or cold cereal. I'm not the only one who has those nights, am I?

I'm not coming empty handed. Here are a couple things I do:

I try to have frozen ravioli/tortellini on hand that I can cook, pour a bottle of sauce over and serve with a quick salad-I'll admit, sometimes the salad doesn't happen.

I also like to freeze chicken in a ziplock with marinade. I just freeze it in amounts that make one dinner for our family. (Be sure to label it) Then I can thaw it, grill/cook it, and serve it up with frozen veggies and one of those quickie rice dishes in a box.

I tried this Lemon and Garlic Grilled Chicken marinade last night. I found it on My Kitchen Cafe. Its totally easy and super yummy. It even passed the Hannah-test, which is MAJOR.

See, I'm not looking for gourmet. In fact, quite the opposite, the easier the better. Don't be shy. What may seem totally mundane and basic to you is probably something I haven't even thought of. Come on...who doesn't need some quickie-dinner ideas?


  1. Some things that we like are:

    1)Omlettes - we have them for dinner. We all like ham and cheese, but the possibilities are pretty much endless. And I don't really worry about the technique sometimes they are just scrambled eggs and stuff topped with cheese.

    2)Mini Boboli's - I keep them in the freezer. We just pull em out - the kids add their own toppings - then bake em. It takes like 7 minutes - you don't even have to let them thaw. I have recently decided that Boboli's are quite spendy and I have thought about trying to make my own mini pizza shells to keep on hand.

    3)Bacon and Waffles/Pancakes/French Toast - If you don't already do this for dinner, you must. Don't forget the O.J. (I rarely make this stuff for breakfast so I suppose that if you do, then it might not be such a great idea for dinner.)

  2. We do the Breakfast for Dinner ALOT. I will try and come up with a few ideas. My mind is blank right now!